Desaru, Malaysia

Desaru, Malaysia 

I’ve had this Resort booked and PAID for 5 months  (Jan – May 2017) at the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort, for my boyfriend and I. Unfortunately since he kept getting called away for work, I would have to reschedule our stay. After rescheduling more than 8x The lady on the other end of the phone finally said, “Ma’am I cannot reschedule the stay anymore.”

So my last reservation was final. I had 2 options.. forfeit my holiday that I’ve already paid for or just go! So I asked some ladies that I work with If they would like to go on a holiday before our actually holiday is coming up. So this is like our Pre-holiday, holiday.
The obvious response was YES! FREE HOLIDAY!

Ladies Pre-Holiday, Holiday

Turned out to be an alright resort. It was equipped with a waterpark that was full of kids. As a teacher right now, I need to escape these little monsters. So naturally, we all avoided the waterpark like the plague.

The breakfast was maybe 3/5 stars. It wasn’t the best I’ve had. I mostly ate Roti for breakfast because the ‘western’ selection was awful.  The actual rooms were ok. It was a 2 bedroom suite, queen bed. However, mostly everything was pretty outdated and looked rather old and dingy.

The resort was right on the beach, so we spend a lot of time in the ocean or lounging out, drinking cheap beer and reading a book.


A one point during the lounging out and reading, I was approached by what I can only describe as creepy.
We were all soaking up the sun under our cabanas and groups of people passed by behind us. However, there was one group of guys where one of the guys strayed away and out of the 15 cabanas available, he decided to come sit next to me. “Oh brilliant!” I sarcastically thought to myself.

As soon as this guy sat down he tried to talk, and we all had out faces in a book. He could clearly see that. So, he hung around. About 10-15 minutes pass and I’m finished with ,my chapter and set the book down to get a drink and he starts to talk.. with what I can only describe as drilling me with the 50 questions. I polity answer a few, give obvious fake name and then this dude whips out his phone and starts scrolling through facebook asking if this is my facebook.    WTF??

I basically kept saying, “No’ then he asked for my number, again I respond with a “No!”
This dude was super persistent. I thought a polite ‘fuck off’ might be in order. Instead I stopped talking and moved over to one of the other girls cabanas and drank until he fucked off. After that we joked about my pseudonym ‘Mary’

After that, we had a lovely time!