Slice of Paradise 

Antigua is the kind of place you see on TV or in magazines. It is a genuine slice of paradise tucked away in the south caribbean.

Where To Stay

St. John although is quite common. Its not as attractive in person.
I recommend a place down south called English Harbour.

We stayed at a lovely place called South Point – English Harbour
The stay included free kayaks & paddle boards.
Free Internet
Free Breakfast

When you take the paddle boards out, you can paddle on the other side of the cove, where you will find an amazing beach and restaurant which serves alcohol.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures paddle boarding, because I didn’t want to drop my phone in the water. Funny story is John took the kayak out, which I thought was unsteady to begin with. He wound up falling off the kayak into the ocean and loosing his ray bands. Normally you can see in the water, however we didn’t notice until we got back to shore and I was too busy laughing at the hilariousness of it all.

Moral of the story, don’t take anything valuable with you, while you are in the water.


We booked a trip with Wadadli Cats which is a snorkeling excursion and booze cruise on a sailboat. The cruise last around 5-6 hours and will pick you up from the nearest beach you are staying at. There are over 365 beaches on this island. One for everyday of the year.
The cruise takes you from the north end of the Island and then sails to the south end of the island and back. You are not allowed to consume the alcohol until after the snorkeling. (fair) Once on board the sailboat they have an assortment of alcohol and the famous ‘rum punch’ equipped with bathrooms, food and local snacks.

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