Snapchat. The Rise of Lonely People.

Social media is ever growing and so is the need for people to feel validated. You see, in todays society, we simply cannot live without our phones. We also have a strong sense of over sharing our lives.

So much so, that ‘drunk party picture’ in the toilet, just has to be shared, like now! Let’s not forget the loud music and night club scenes. ** music blaring in the background ** Snapping a few pictures is cool. But there comes a time when it is EXCESSIVE.

We all know 1 person who snapchats EVERYTHING! “Going to the gym” #gains   Or  “I’m having so much fun right now just look at my face, while I hold my phone in front of my face making this video. Can’t you hear the music and see how cool I am?”#PartingHard

There comes a point where, rather enjoying yourself, your more interested in securing your own image of what other people think of you, than actually having fun.

Go have fun.

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