Phuket, Thailand


Anything goes.

Airport > Hotel 

When you are trying to leave the airport in Phuket to your final destination, I highly suggest getting a SIM card for $10-15 and ordering a “Grab” aka UBER for Thailand.

I was ripped off by the taxi queue. I initially ordered a cheap 200 bhat van ride to Patong Beach. However, I found out once I met my driver that the van doesn’t leave until its full! Which is not convenient at all. I asked for a refund or to book a proper taxi rather than share a van. she told me 600 baht more.

So I found a girl outside the airport who was also going near Patong Beach and we were keen on sharing a taxi. However the taxi lady seen us talking and then said 600 baht EACH. It was ridiculous. I even told the taxi lady, the girl would be going to MY place. She still wouldn’t let us share a taxi. I WISH I would have known “GRAB”was in Phuket. We could have split the normal fair 800 bhat.
ALSO don’t buy the cheap ticket unless you have about 10 people to fill a van.

Patong Beach 

Patong Beach area was quite nice. This was my first time in Thailand and I was keen on seeing the touristy areas. We strolled down Bangla Road and was met with the craziest party scene. I’ve been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Bangla Road takes the cake. They have it all. Cheap booze, cheap food, and entertainment shows which will make you say, “what the … did I just watch”


We went to a wonderful Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket. The elephants roamed free on the land. This was a no riding facility, strictly retirement for the elephants. They taught us about some of the elephants and have permanent damage to their back being broken from the riding industry and this particular sanctuary we were at rescued them from those facilities. I highly recommend this place.

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